Dos Hermanos 1

Country Trash, patcheko songwriting, lost ambient Müll. Dylanesque Folk. Wierd Nonsense. Dos Hermanos are Josè the Black Rider & G.Rag.

A Two-Man-Band from Monaco/Bavaria.

(anbei eine Selbstbeschreibung der irren Brüder:)

Senor G.Rag: megaphone, no singing, git, mülleimer, blech, hi-hat, harp, shaker, organetta

José aka the black rider: singing, bass drum, git, snare, harp, kazoo, slide guit

Beide sind Mitglieder des legendären caribbean trash orchesters g.rag y los hermanos patchekos.

Country Trash, patcheko songwriting, lost ambient trash, y mucho mucho these two brothers shout, rock, whistle, blow harps, sing funny and sometimes sad songs about…..

There are people all over the world who say: ah oui oui, c’est pas mal.
Others say: it’s shit. And that’s what we want.
So if you like both: Country and a good mighty mezz …. you are just right.

Pure Minimalism.

you can hear more or less percussion, noisevoice and a spooky drum set.
You can feel trash at his best and on the other side: no it’s more like … „heeee i can see tears in your eyes“.

It’s a strange respect for country, when it used to be cool and rock’n’roll was still angry and goddamn hot. (subterranean homesick blues, von hinten, drugstore cowboy).

Or do Trio take a friendly look over the hermanos shoulder? (foto foto, lala, lady-o-lady)

Their own compositions are mixed in a funny combination of german/english/french/or whatever lyrics with or without use of an old megaphone.

The strange click clack dong you can hear in the background makes definitley more space for charme.

Sharp dressed.

Ganz genau.