Les Frères Souchet – Sailor Blues


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Wunderschöne, sehr persönliche Scheibe von Robin und Cyril von Mama Rosin. 13 Tracks mit Wohnzimmercharme im schicken Siebdruckcover mit echetm Foto aufgeklebt (3 verschiedene Motive!)

Bei uns nur als CD und Download erhältlich!


1: Tu Finiras Per Me Tuer
2: Boat Song
3: Bye Bye Birdy Black
4: Nuage Song
5: Appalachian Song
6: Mighty Lonesome
7: Gooze Walk
8: Umido E Denso
9: Lame In The Stairs
10: Banjo Blues
11: Song For My Sister
12: Fin De Partie
13: Dirthy Shame

And here’s part two of our Mama Rosin Extravaganza: Les Frères Souchet, the Duck Brothers, Cyril and Robin, not actually brothers but most definitely musical twins (or as the word goes: “brothers from another mother”) strip the Mama Rosin sound a bit down (but not too much). There’s less drums here (but not none!) and there’s a lot of emotion here. If you like Mama Rosin’s “Black Robert”, then this is definitely for you.

As usual we’ve messed around with the packaging. The box rocks a 2c screenprint and one of three different photoprints. You get to choose between the pretty sailorboy and his dog, the two stranded sailorettes or a whole bunch of merry sailors making music while skinning potatoes. Either way you’ll be shouting “Leinen los!” in no time.


This is a cd only release, but we’ve heard rumours that the guys have bootleg themselves a pretty vinyl edition down in geneva.

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